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As the popularity of using curved steel in the building industry has risen, so has the need for shops that specialize in bending and rolling steel. Since opening Hornsby Steel nearly seven years ago, we've succeeded in creating a niche for ourselves within the fabricating industry by developing an expertise in spirals and other complicated shapes.

Our formula for doing so has been rather simple: find the right equipment, hire the right people, add a touch of innovation, then do what it takes to get the job done. We like to think of us as a modern-day blacksmith shop. We just use hydraulic power instead of the old heat-and-beat method.

Including spirals, bends or rolled steel can certainly create a new dimension to an otherwise ordinary design. Having the right shop bending or rolling the steel to arches, curves or other shapes can also lessen the concerns in making design decisions involving complex curves, bends or rolls.

At Hornsby Steel, we strive to use innovation and our experienced operators to meet all design needs.

Also Serving Central America, South America and the Caribbean
We have capabilities in spiraling plates, tubes, beams, and channel. We also have conical rolling capabilities on tubes plates, beams, and channels.
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Our senior management team has over 100 years combined experience making Hornsby Steel an excellent choice for all of your rolling and bending needs.
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Hornsby Steel, Inc. handles STEEL BENDING & ROLLING jobs of all sizes, large & small for many major industries. Whether you are in the design & prototype phase or need assistance starting from scratch, we are your complete source.
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